ATCO Wood Products places a strong emphasis on safety in all facets of our operations


ATCO Wood Products’ priority is the safety of our employees and contractors.  To demonstrate our commitment to safety our Woodlands/Forestry is SAFE certified under the BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Companies Program.

Our Safety Policy

  • We believe that all injuries are preventable and health and safety form an integral part of the ATCO Wood Products organization.

  • Management and supervisors will train all personnel in safe work procedures and hazard identification to protect themselves, fellow employees and contractors.

  • We will hold all levels of management accountable for providing a safe work environment, enforcing safe work procedures and practices and ensuring timely follow-up to safety incidents.

  • We will hold all employees and contractors accountable for following safe work procedures and reporting unsafe acts and incidents.

  • We encourage all employees to contribute to the company health and safety program.

  • We will conduct operations in compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, industry best practices and use audits to measure and improve our health and safety programs.

The BC Forest Safety Council has repeatedly acknowledged us, “in recognition for meeting the requirements for certification in the SAFE Companies program, demonstrating leadership in making safety an overriding priority and ensuring every employee returns home safely.”