Vision and Values

Growing our future together

ATCO Wood Products has adopted Vision Statements to answer the question of what future we desire for our company. Our Mission Statements build on our Vision Statements and answers the question of how we will achieve our Vision.

Our Vision

  • Our Products being first choice for all of our customers.

  • Our Business doubling in size 5 years from now.

  • Our Company as one of Canada’s best places to work.

  • Our future generations working, playing and living in our Forests.

  • The relationship with our Community being a leader for Public/Private Cooperation in the natural resource sector.

Our Mission

  • We will manufacture high quality wood products that exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, service and value.

  • We will build a profitable, growing and enduring company through rigorous reinvestment in new technology, responsible management and visionary insight into new opportunities.

  • We will provide rewarding careers for our team members where they can learn, grow and enrich their lives by engaging in the success of our Company.

  • We will sustainably manage all of our activities in the forests to create healthy, working forests and ensure that the timber from the forests are completely and responsibly utilized.

  • We will be a pillar of the communities where we live and work, creating economic vitality and social benefits that positively impacts the lives of our community members from responsible management of our forest resource.


Our code of conduct

Honesty – Our employees are truthful.

Respect – Our employees honour people and their roles.

Communication – Our employees interact with all others in a constructive, open and transparent manner.

Hard Work – Our employees work as a team and endeavour with perseverance, determination and conviction to achieve common goals.

Being Responsible – Our employees take pride in ownership and take care of company property.


Our Core Values

Safety is Always First – Above all else, we work and act in a manner to ensure everyone goes home safe and sound at the end of the workday.

Honest and Trustworthy – We honor our word and act with integrity and transparency.

Being Adaptable – We carry an open mind and strive to be innovative, creative and proactive in solving the challenges of our business.

Respect for the Individual – We observe the golden rule and treat all others as we would want to be treated.

Team Orientation – We create a work environment that is collaborative and welcomes open communication.

Stewards of Our Environment – We respect and take care of the places we live and work.

Customer Satisfaction - We will meet or exceed our customer’s needs.