Leading marketer of logs throughout British Columbia and Washington

We have a large number of logs for sale to suit any mill’s needs.

Of roughly 250,000 cubic metres of timber, we harvest annually, we sell or trade about 150,000 cubic metres of logs that we ship primarily to sawmills.

We benefit from a very positive “timber position”, which allows us to optimize the various species we are able to harvest – sending the right species and grade of the log to the right facility. This gets us the highest return and allows us to be good stewards of the land.
The relatively high number of different species available in our available “Kootenay Mix” is an ongoing advantage as well.

British Columbia’s southern interior region covers 24 million hectares and is home to some 750,000 people The southern interior region has more than 15 million hectares of forest land. ATCO Wood Products has licenses and contracts to sustainably manage approximately 333,000 acres (135,000 hectares).

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